Exclusiva’s greatest strength lies in the ability to follow every aspect of the production process, from the conception phase to its realization, always guaranteeing a unique product of the highest quality: every project is exclusive because it is thought through, designed and built with care to meet the client’s wishes.

From listening to and speaking with the client, our professionals apply their skills with great sensitivity to shape the requests and transform them into sketches, moodboards, layouts and artistic and digital representations, up to the elaboration of construction drawings. When this research comes to aesthetic and functional completeness, we then plan the various stages of final implementation, such as logistics and purchasing or custom production.

It is an integrated process that involves the whole community of style and technical specialists, decorators and craftsmen.

The journey ends with the management of the building site and the final stage: project managers and site architects supervise the construction, leaving Exclusiva artists to add the final touch.

Monitoring all stages of the process contributes to providing a complete service of the highest quality.


Exclusiva Design is an articulated company structured into four different areas, which are dedicated respectively to creative research and development, operations, finance and business development.

Moreover, staff with expertise in the fields of communication and public relations, legal advice, quality and human resources together with their teams liaise directly with the Board.