Exclusiva was invited to the discussion held on 23 June 2016 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, as the “success story” of an Italian business that has invested in China, on the occasion of the presentation of the annual report “China in 2016 – Scenarios and perspectives for businesses”.
The report was written by the CESIF (Italy-China Foundation’s Centre for Business Studies) and is a snapshot of the transition process that China is undergoing, of moderate but more sustainable and quality-oriented growth, illustrating scenarios and opportunities for Italian companies to access Chinese markets.

The President, Fabio Mazzeo, together with CEO Fabio Massimi, described Exclusiva’s approach as a community of companies and people who see design as an expression of art involving the head, soul and heart, becoming a vital necessity. According to architect Mazzeo, in the complex situation we are experiencing today, it is no longer sufficient just to have an excellent product: we need awareness, telling the story of the product and of the people who enable it to be created. Exclusiva has realized that evolution and innovation necessarily flow from education; there is a need to create opportunities for knowledge and to stimulate further exploration through continuous exchanges and relationships, especially with rich and important cultures such as that of China.

That is why Exclusiva created its foundation (, a no profit organization that seeks to contribute to the preservation and development of creativity and excellence. The foundation’s activities include exchanges with universities and Chinese cultural bodies that will help to spread the expressive codes of architectural culture, design and beauty, training ambassadors for Italian culture. The discussion was moderated by Dario Di Vico from the Corriere della Sera newspaper and included contributions from Elisabetta Belloni, General Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI), Ivan Scalfarotto, Under Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Development, and Diana Bracco, Executive Vice President of the Italy China Foundation, followed by Vincenzo De Luca, General Director for the Promotion of the Italian Economic System in MAECI, and Cesare Romiti, President of the Italy China Foundation.