Located in Costa Smeralda, on top of a promontory carved by the wind, this villa is the result of the balance between aesthetics, quality and functionality. Both the architecture and the interiors were conceived and built by Exclusiva: a highly complex project, which required time and great attention to clearly define spaces and functions. The building is a perfect example of contemporary residential architecture in an exceptional setting.
If travertine dominates the exteriors, the interiors are an expression of attention to detail where the precious materials, unique objects and artistic decorations create an elegant atmosphere.
The interaction between indoor and outdoor is continuous, playing with the light, the colours and the scents of the surrounding nature, thanks to the large windows that frame the landscape.

LOCATION: Sardinia, Italy
FLOOR AREA: 1,270 sqm

DESIGN BY Fabio Mazzeo

DESIGN TEAM LEADER: Alessio Barilari
DESIGN TEAM: Monica Baldacchini, Gianluca Bilotta, Simone Coppola, Maria Elena Crescini, Olsi Dani, Maila Evangelista, Valentina Martino, Marta Floriano Millan, Valeria Paganini
OPERATIONS: Gabriella Brignone, Federico Grisolia, Laura Luzzi, Stefano Panoni, Diego Benitez
DECORATION TEAM: Stefana Andrici, Paola Bacchi, Flavia Fefè, Francesco Pogliaghi, Lara Pollara
CONSULTANTS: FBA – Fabio Barilari Architetti, Diego Colonna, Giovanni Pasella