Perfectly integrated into the natural setting of a spectacular Sardinian promontory, thanks to the materials and the garden roofs, the villa evokes the principles of hypogeal architecture.
The rocky stratifications, the colors and the sudden slopes have inspired a place where to live in the nature and unwind.
In addition to the elegant bedrooms and common areas, the villa houses several wellness areas, a spa and a fully equipped gym.
The intricated gardens lead the guests to the outdoor areas such as the panoramic swimming pool and playing grounds, from where one can enjoy a breath-taking view of the gulf.

LOCATION: Sardinia, Italy
FLOOR AREA: 600 mq

DESIGN BY Fabio Mazzeo

DESIGN TEAM LEADERS: Alessio Barilari, Valentina Martino
DESIGN TEAM: Monica Baldacchini, Gianluca Bilotta, Simone Coppola, Maria Elena Crescini, Olsi Dani, Marta Floriano Millan, Valeria Paganini, Fabio Pistilli
OPERATIONS: Gabriella Brignone, Diego Benitez, Paola Scianna
DECORATION TEAM: Stefana Andrici, Paola Bacchi, Francesco Pogliaghi