The project includes two duplex villas and a large master villa, situated in a context where the link with nature plays a key role. The design, in fact, is conceived as a green carpet that envelops the architectural volumes creating a space continuum between interior and exterior, in a complete equilibrium with the surrounding landscape.
The entrance portal sis the only element that towers above the flat skyline, which makes architecture permeable to the context.
The silhouette and the large windows blend with the green areas that overlook the Lielupe River and this exchange continues in the choice of materials: the local wood and the red granite stone, alongside the travertine, are preferred. The terraces, as an extension of the interiors, allow you to view the exceptional landscape.
Integration is accomplished thanks to the decoration, which resumes the textures and colours of land and water.

LOCATION: Jurmala, Latvia
FLOOR AREA: Master villa 800 mq | Duplex 250 mq

DESIGN BY Fabio Mazzeo

DESIGN TEAM: Gianluca Bilotta, Maria Elena Crescini, Flavia Fefè, Simone Iaboni, Anna Maksimenko, Fabio Pistilli
OPERATIONS: Letizia Compagno, Gabriella Brignone