This bespoke project is dedicate to those lookig for wellbeing. The club area features custom-made furnishings, such as the eighteen-seat leather sofa or alcantara-covered panels on the walls. Parquet is laid in a geometric version of a fractal matrix, while large crystal chandeliers and other light sources gradually change the color and the feel of the rooms.
The fluid lines of the corridors follow the guest through the spa area, where precious surfaces were made with different techniques. Golden drops glide along the walls.
Both for club and the wellness area the highest technology, exquisite materials and artworks were combined, welcoming the guests who are willing to escape into beauty.

LOCATION: St. Petersburg, Russia
FLOOR AREA: 1,100 sqm

DESIGN BY Fabio Mazzeo

DESIGN TEAM LEADER: Gianluca Bilotta
DESIGN TEAM: Cecilia Brunori, Flavia Fefè, Valentina Martino, Valeria Paganini, Fabio Pistilli
OPERATIONS: Letizia Compagno, Federico Grisolia, Carlo Bonacquisto
DECORATION TEAM: Stefana Andrici, Paola Bacchi, Flavia Fefè, Francesco Pogliaghi