The project “Fondazione Exclusiva” was born two years ago thanks to a simple but wonderful intuition and to the team work of a group of great competence, strongly supported by many travel companions. Here I am referring to “Exclusiva Community”’s management and the many companies which, in different ways and with various intensity, believed in the idea of giving birth to a place where talking, interacting and nourishing creativity can be seen as a potential on which to invest for changing the way in which we look at our future and we create value.

As many will remember, from the very beginning of this adventure, I have been using the metaphor of the particles’ accelerator, for describing that thinking laboratory which today is Fondazione Exclusiva. I am obviously referring to the sophisticated apparatus of CERN in Geneva which was for me a fitting metaphor as the program I had in mind would facilitate meetings among freethinkers, overlapping of experiences, cultural intersections and creative collisions which could generate useful contents for creating a new perspective on doing business; entrepreneurial culture becomes social entrepreneurship on a cultural basis, a wonderful and challenging project.

Going back to assigning a central role to the humanistic component of our work, moving from a “prefabricated” approach to value to a “per-fabricated” approach which keeps in a central position the individual and not a category of individuals: this is the key to start building a less uncertain future.

For what concerns us, considering that Exclusiva community deals with aesthetics, we would like to do our share, contributing to facilitating a revolution; an esthetic and ethic revolution of human relationships, activating useful creative connections between entrepreneurial culture and cultural enterprises.

Exclusiva is a place of creativity. We have learned that creativity is not only a personal quality, but a collective experience and beauty is not a privilege but a necessity we should all share.

Fabio Mazzeo, Partner and Design Director of Exclusiva Design – President of Fondazione Exclusiva