A place of ideas. Rather than a place, a concept. This is AREA 81.
Conceived by Exclusiva Design and created with the scientific collaboration of the Associazione Italiana di Architettura e Critica (AIAC), AREA 81 was opened on Thursday 14 May at Via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese, 81, Rome.
This is the beginning of a project aimed at involving the intelligent and creative, in order to develop innovative Italian ideas and products.

AREA 81 will be the arena for three events.

THE PREVIEW, on 14 May
At the preview on 14 May, before a select audience of around 300 guests including artists, architects, critics, curators and journalists, in addition to Fabio Mazzeo, chairman of Exclusiva Design, and Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, president of the AIAC, the speakers were: the architect Livio Sacchi, president of the Rome Order of Architects; the journalists Marcello Masi, director of RAI TG2 and Lirio Abbate, correspondent of L’Espresso; the writer and sociologist Alberto Abruzzese; the “star” chef Cristina Bowerman and the lecturer in art history Simonetta Lux.

Fabio Mazzeo opened the evening: “Area 81 is a place where creativity can be spotlighted by combining design and production. Exclusiva wants to invest in creativity and we have found a fellow traveller in AIAC, a driving force and scientific backing for this initiative. Our competitors abroad have a network. AREA 81 is the first step in that direction.”
Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi then introduced the guest speakers: “Our horizon and objective is the Bauhaus. In order to understand how to begin this venture, we have decided to call upon personalities who come from different cultural fields and to draw on their words for ideas and views that will serve as guidelines for our future projects.”

After the presentations, the book 14 was launched, which contains the work of 14 Italian artists on the current art scene, selected by the editorial team of Interno 14, a publication brought out by the AIAC and financed by Exclusiva, translated into English, Russian and Chinese so that it launches and spreads Italian excellence abroad.
This was followed by the opening of the group exhibition of the artists included in the publication: Paolo Assenza, Marco Bernardi, Simone Bertugno, Arianna Bonamore, Elena Boni, Tania Campisi, Aldo Del Bono, Stefania Fabrizi, Pamela Ferri, Anna Muskardin, Elly Nagaoka, Cristiana Pacchiarotti, Laura Palmieri and Alberto Timossi.

THE LAUNCH, on 14 June
The second stage is the presentation to the general public, which will take place at the 5th international meeting Architects Meet in Selinunte, organized by the AIAC and PresS/TFactory. The new activities will be outlined for the Italian designers and creatives invited to the conference.

THE OPENING, on 14 October
The third event will be the official opening of the refurbished exhibition space. This is an opportunity to present the programme of initiatives in a place that aims to become a point of reference for the current Italian and international creative scene.