Exclusiva is an Italian company specialising in architectural and interior design, with proven experience in the creation of tailor-made works.

It is an Italian place for creative thinking where artists, style specialists, decorators and master craftsmen work together with the aim of creating unique and elegant works, tailored to their clients’ needs and dreams.

Each project stems from committed and detailed research, which involves the technology and innovation of the most prominent Italian manufacturing companies with the experience of our highly specialised artisans.

Exclusiva’s clients consider attention to detail as an opportunity to express their style, prestige and personality, looking for uniqueness and innovation, which are the principal keywords that epitomize Exclusiva’s approach.

Established in 2008 by Fabio Mazzeo and Vito Taddei, with its headquarters in Rome, Exclusiva also has branches in Moscow and Shanghai.

As an international ambassador of Italian style, in the last ten years Exclusiva has received numerous acknowledgements for its creations.


A leading company in the high-end market, Exclusiva was founded in 2008 by the architect and designer Fabio Mazzeo together with the manager Vito Taddei, in a strategic match of different and complementary experiences. This synergy led to an integrated approach, from the interiors to architectural design, including the supervision and realization of the interiors.

Today Exclusiva’s community embraces designers and experts from different backgrounds who conceive and build their works taking care of the whole process, from the initial sketch to the handover. The client, therefore, can turn to one single contact and trust Exclusiva to deal with every aspect of the project.

In the last five years, Exclusiva developed over 40 projects for over 200.000 square meters of design, among which 20 projects were designed and built (over 25.000 square meters).



Vito Taddei, with over twenty-year experience in Italian interior design “turn-key” export, is a manager with economic background.

Graduated in Business Economics at the Politecnico of Turin in 1996, he soon showed his vocation for internationalization and in the same year achieved a European Master in Business Technology at the University of Brighton (UK).

He has spent several years in the Middle East (Qatar) as Operations manager of an international company specialized in turn-key projects. Once re-established in Rome, he has held management roles first in Operations and then in Russian area development.

He met architect Fabio Mazzeo in 2016 and, putting to good use the competences acquired through years of experience abroad, they created together Exclusiva Design.

In 2009 he completed his training with an MBA (Master in Business Administration) at the MIB School of Management.

Vito loves facing grand challenges and firmly believes in the potential of Italian know-how and quality. His mission, today, is to create the conditions so that this value, through Exclusiva, can be exported all over the world.



Born in 1966, he receives his professional degree in architecture in 1994 and a PhD in Representation of Architecture in 2001. After a brief time in the academic field, that sees him involved in teaching and research activities on campus, he starts his career as a product designer in Rome, working with several companies for the realization of complex public works at the highest levels.
Between 1999 and 2005 he is Design Director at Ilva Dalmine which, in collaboration with Emilio Ambasz, is awarded with the ADI “Compasso d’Oro” International Award 2001 for the design of the “Saturno” street lighting, installed on Rome-Fiumicino Highway.
Between 1999 and 2008 he is selected by the “ADI Design INDEX” several times: in 2004 for “Network Tower” in Bari, in 2005 for the “NEXT” project and in 2007 for the modular structure “WINGS”, the last also being acknowledged by Accademia di San Luca in 2006.
A creative, perfectionist with a hunger for knowledge, Fabio is in constant search of innovative and cutting-edge solutions. In time, his attitude leads him to specialize in high-end bespoke projects.
Consequently, in 2008, he is one of the co-founders of Exclusiva Design, together with Vito Taddei.
For Fabio, being an entrepreneur is a positive short circuit between imagination and realization.
As a result, in 2015 Fondazione Exclusiva, the corporate foundation, was set up with the objective of creating value by promoting Italian creativity and artisanal excellence worldwide. The foundation’s program is structured on the three pillars of training, research and cultural-based social innovation.



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